Infini At East Coast

Exclusive Freehold Residences

An Infinite Collection. 36 Exclusive Residences

Infinite Luxury, Legacy In The Making
INFINI is a creative abstract from the word ‘infinite’, which means immeasurable, unlimited, unbounded, endless, etc. These adjectives perfectly described what we are about to share on INFINI, a 36 exclusive freehold residences offering endless prestige and luxury for generations.

Infinite Possibilities. Life In The New Horizon.
In a pristine locale known for the rich and well-educated, INFINI connects places swiftly and creates all possibilities for work and play.

Infinite Opportunities. Another Astounding Legacy.
Sometimes decisions were made for the sake of our loved ones. Where renowned schools surround, future for our next generations can be secured with a strong foundation.

Infinite Conveniences. Everything At Doorsteps.
Put down roots or set the stage for a lifetime’s worth of maintaining traditions. The beautiful facade is paired with abundant amenities for absolute convenience from daily essentials to parties and lifestyles.

Infinite Adventure. A New Depth Of Excitement.
Eastside luxury includes the golden beach that sets your mind free from the bustling world. INFINI redefines prestigious living amidst nature yet so near to the city sparkling in glory.

Infinite DEstinations. Pleasure Beyond Indulgence
Big Splash
Moment of truth can be seen in one’s expressions. Eastside people are often said to be happier because many good things happen here. Splash into a world of infinite joy at the new recreational park where fun is unbounded.

Jewel Changi Airport
In less than 15 minutes drive, you can land yourself at this world-class destination that offers a first-class environment with gardens, attractions, a hotel, aviation facilities and 300 retail and dining facilities.

Infinite Jubilance. City Neighbourliness
When everywhere draws near, travelling to work becomes joyful than before. With multiple-transport options, life is great with more time for sleep and less time on the road.

Infinite Prestige. Immeasurable Luxury
Nothing compares to that sense of comfort, privacy, and pride you enjoy from owning a place where you call home. Designed to inspire and engage.

Infinite Indulgences. Boundless Gratification
Exercise your options in a world of endless privacy, at your own time, own pace. Enjoy state-of-the-art equipment at the aqua gym and indulge in an intimate atmosphere for relaxing in the jacuzzi.

Infinite Revelry. Incalculable Satiation
Social recreation experience can now be organized at the comfort of your home premise. Be it a celebration or a private function, you will always have the extra in- and outdoor spaces.

Infinite Advantage. Dual-Key Smart Investment
A home that gives you alternatives gives you opportunities. The dual-key concept allows you to enjoy your stay while others help you pay. Explore, and you will see all the possible ways.

Infinite Superiority. Timeless Prestige
Dreams to many. Homes to few. Exclusively curated for 36 individuals or families who truly understand what luxury is all about. A warm welcome home to INFINI.

With meticulously planned spaces for comfortable living, there is always room for everything. From sleeping to relaxing, dining to entertainment, you are in for a lifetime of indulgences at INFINI.

Infinite Essence. Premium Fittings.
Lavish in a suite of quality finishes and fittings. Living in pure luxury is a given for every resident at INFINI.

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